Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I had my pre-op for surgery next week. They've moved the date to Friday the 5th from the Thursday the 4th. We're a little frustrated about the whole process, especially the Neuro-Surgery department because they've been giving us the run-around (filling out the same papers three times, switching dates at the last minute, etc.). When I was at the pre-op appointment the doctor who was giving me a physical and basically letting me ask questions was very helpful. We talked about my history and she compared my story with some other patients that have been through the system.

Apparently there was a guy my age who had seizures just as often as me but it was because he had a small brain tumor just under his forehead. All his medicines weren't working to shrink the tumor and stop his seizures so they opted for surgery. He came in with a "menu" of his medications and dosages (just like me) but he lived alone and took public transportation. He had to hold the "menu" while on the train with directions to his apartment and instructions that if he had a seizure that his doctors were at NW Memorial. Wow.

I love Sara and I know she'd be with me no matter what and I feel horrible about this guy. If I lived alone I don't know what I would do. How would I work without living close enough to take the train or bus? It's not safe to ride a bike, especially when it starts to get cold and snowy. To have instructions around my neck to warn people about what to do if I have a seizure. Sara has always been there, she directs me to lay down or she can get help if it's a larger seizure. This guy obviously doesn't have this. Horrible, but I respect his courage.

Next Friday is the VNS surgery. I'll know the exact time the Thursday before the procedure and I've already started to "prep." I did this for my shoulder surgery, too. Stay off vitamins and pain medication because it thins your blood, etc.


Whoops! As I was writing this the doctor at the pre-op clinic told me that my blood came back a little abnormal and I have to come back in this afternoon! What a surprise! Of course there had to be another obstacle. Sara is out all of next week for a conference but she agreed to take a half sick day to take me downtown. She doesn't even have to park the car... they said just to come up and they take my blood without a wait. I'll take Sara shopping downtown or to a nice dinner to make up for yesterday and especially today. She deserves all the credit in the world. I always say to her that "she picked a broken one" but she yells at me for saying that. She did pick a broken one but I know this experience, no matter how long it lasts, has brought us closer than most people could've ever thought possible. I hope she needs me as much as I need her.