Sunday, December 6, 2015

Getting Out

It's late on a Sunday night. I just finished the final chapter of a book I've been reading and I thought I'd write a little about today.

Being a Sunday, Sara and I usually have some time together which has been a rare thing because during the week, she gets home and there are usually only a couple of hours where we see each other before I have to take my medicine, which makes me very tired, and I go to bed relatively early. 

It has been, as a personality trait, hard to get me out of the house to do anything that isn't related to errands or doctor appointments, but Sara tries hard to get me out of the house, even for a couple of hours, to do fun things.

I usually complain that I'd rather just stay home with her or do something routine like go to a mall and walk around, but she likes to try new things, which can drive me bananas because I've been so stubborn lately. Lately being the last couple of years.

Today she wanted to go to an craft fair at the Chicago Irish American Heritage Center close to the city. After a lot of complaining, I finally got in the car and we went.

As soon as we got there I had a little seizure. By little, I mean it felt like I was having an aura that never fully turned into a seizure. I used my VNS magnet and continued shopping and looking around the booths and talking to people. 

Slowly, I started to have a good time, and became very excited about being there, and have gotten out of my comfort zone for a couple of hours. This, as we've discovered over and over, is usually the case. I complain like hell at first, but after it's all said and done, I'm very happy to have had the experience. I don't know why I'm like this.

This might not be a particularly deep and emotional post, but more of a written thank you to Sara for putting up with my shit at first, knowing full well that I'm going to have a good time even though I've fully convinced myself before even stepping foot out of the house that I'm going to hate every second.

So, thank you to my darling wife for being as stubborn about getting me out of the house as I am about staying in the house. Without you, I would've seen all the amazing things I saw today and talked with some very interesting people... especially the guy who gave us a very heartfelt personal tour of the Chicago Irish American Heritage Center's museum... He was so overcome with emotion about talking about certain items that he shed some tears. Whoa.

Again, I know I can be a stubborn SOB, but I can also be very grateful. I have you, Sara, to thank for that. I love you...