Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Art of Celebration

It seems that in our household we celebrate small victories and huge losses. I was tapped out of the running for a job that I was very much interested in; so, as a tradition (I guess) we watched a couple of great movies and drank some wine.

Our goal is to move back to Milwaukee to be closer to family, but it may take longer than we expect given today's news. I'm not upset, I'm actually in a penitent stage where I can look back and as a result get a glimpse of my future.


I've been visiting the south side of Chicago a couple days a week and I've never noticed life in such a way as this. Imagine driving on a four lane road and witnessing an argument between a pregnant woman and her boyfriend and then a mile down the road seeing a woman covering her head with a cloth while grieving a loved one in a cemetery. All of this is happening while 1,000 semi trucks race for position on the road on the way to the highway. Up above, commercial jets aim to land at Midway Airport, roaring their engines louder than the fleet of semi's below.

As I'm witnessing these things, I also realize that this is what I've taken for granted during the entirety my recent life....... LIFE!