Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Forms of Media

This week, with the help of my family, I bought a tablet. Don't worry sister's, I'm doing my best to pay it back!

I've found it to be very helpful in accessing new forms of media like magazines and newspapers, anywhere from local to national. This is good for me because I often spend hours at home, looking for something to fill my time. I know a lot of you out there would kill to have the time I currently have, but trust me, after a month, you'll be praying for a chance to get out of the house and rejoin the world.

I've already downloaded a couple magazines from Milwaukee, so I can keep up with what's going on north of the border, plus I've had the opportunity to see the tablet-formatted version of many newspapers from around the country. It's so interesting to read columns from writers in Seattle and Washington D.C., Maine and Minneapolis. I even subscribed (trial basis!) to an outdoors magazine so I can learn a little bit about what it's like living away from the city.

I'm having fun today, that's all I can really say. I know it's something small and not really exciting to most of you, but for me, it's a small victory to have a day where I can explore and discover.