Sunday, September 1, 2013


The holidays are very important to me and my family. We've definitely become closer since 2008 and even closer since last year's Mayo Clinic trip(s); you can see me there on Thanksgiving night during my EEG. I remember going in for the EEG a week before, thinking that there was no way I was going to miss the holiday with my family. I was wrong, but my family is strong and so they made the trip up to Minnesota to be with me. When this EEG photo was taken, my Mom and Sara were busy across the street ordering Topper's pizza; they snuck me some slices just before midnight. We sat there in the hospital room, laughing and telling stories about our day.

I made our yearly reservation for Christmas at the County Clare bed and breakfast in Milwaukee this morning. This made me think about how I had to cancel last year's reservation because we were making another one of our trips to Mayo Clinic. That trip would include my infamous PET scan and lumbar puncture. For Christmas last year we were stuck in a hotel room watching a marathon of "A Christmas Story," and ironically playing the "Game of Life" on my Mom's iPad.

Sitting in a hospital room hundreds of miles away from home with my head hooked up to wires, and my family bringing me pizza at midnight. Then, a month later in a hotel room playing games and watching movies after getting scanned, poked and prodded... those were the best holiday's I have ever had. It has everything to say about what someone should be thankful for.