Monday, October 12, 2015


After a couple weeks of strong seizures while still recovering from shoulder surgery, my doctors thought it would be a good idea to put me on a low dose of Klonopin for an extended period instead of a higher dose which they were using just to break the seizure streaks I've been having as my seizures tend to group for days at a time. 

I also started an antidepressant called Lexapro on a daily basis. All of these new medications seem to be working as I'm in a good mood while I haven't had any signs of a seizure in just about a week, which is about as long as I've been taking the low dose of Klonopin. A week doesn't sound like a long time, but with epilepsy you tend to feel when you're primed to have a seizure. Bad mood, body twitches, headaches, anxiety, depression... They all are signs that a seizure is inevitable.

For the last week I've been waking up in the morning with a strong anxious feeling, but once I take my morning dose of medication it all goes away in minutes. I've been looking for this combination of medicine for months, maybe even years. There are very little side effects so far. In the morning I'm awake and happy, and at night I'm ready to sleep and for the most part, sleeping through the night.

I needed this for my arm. I've been very worried that the seizures could hinder it's healing process. After the few seizures I've been having I could tell that if I didn't have the sling on, my arm would extend and stiffen (which is normal during a seizure), and it has stopped it from moving out of place.

This comes with perfect timing as I get the sling off next week. My arm is feeling stronger everyday and I find myself moving it in ways that I haven't been able to without pain even a couple weeks ago. Right now things are looking good. A statement I haven't made in months.