Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I See You Complaining

Like a lot of people these days we spend a good amount of time online checking status updates, tweets, eBay listings, shopping, the list goes on. 

By now you probably all know that I have quite a bit of time on my hands with being on disability, so I probably spend a little more time on Facebook and Twitter than the average person. It's a nice way to stay in touch while being surrounded by these four walls.

I see a lot of positive posts, articles, funny videos, etc, but I also see your complaints. Yes, parking in the city in a bitch, coffee is way too expensive, your trash didn't get picked up on the right day, dating has become impossible for anyone over 30, the list goes on.

What I really want to see more of is people posting things that they're thankful for. Your kid is doing good in school, you found a twenty in a coat that you haven't worn in months, my cancer is in remission, I haven't had a seizure in X amount of days or, damn you look good in those shoes! Big or small, positivity matters.

I'm posting this now because my battle with Epilepsy has been a complete disaster. Meds don't work, but the ones that do cause so many negative side effects that I find myself at a crossroad... seizures or constantly thinking of harming myself. Which would you chose? That's what I thought. 

I chose the harm myself road a few times, and at least with a seizure you're knocked out and you don't feel anything until you wake up, and that is usually a headache or bit tongue.

My point is this: If people like me have to come to crossroads like these, then surely you can come to your own crossroad and decide to spread some positivity to those around you instead of gathering all the meaningless negativity that happened to you throughout your day and sharing it for the world to see, and most likely...... ignore, unfollow, and unfriend.

Stepping off the soapbox now.