Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Seizure Day

Thursday, July 24th, 2014. Seizure Day.

Wake up to Sara getting ready for work. I take off my apnea mask, rub my eyes and make my way to the kitchen.

Eating Cheerios, and a banana. The medication from the night before gives me "gut rot" so I need to drink a lot of fluids. Basically, what someone would do after a night of light drinking.

I'm watching the morning news as Sara leaves for work. I play on eBay, Facebook and Twitter, getting the handle on what I'm going to do today. I feel as though I'm a little pissed for no reason. Probably, from my last seizure. This will usually change when I have my next seizure, (Interictal Psychosis).

I'm ready to take my medicine:
Vimpat, 200mg
Lamictal: 300mg
Geodon: 60mg
Sabril: 500mg

I get ready for the day, shower. It's too hot for a bike ride, or a walk. I don't want to risk having a seizure, plus I have nowhere I want to go. I will probably have to stay in today. The medicine is kicking in. My lips are numb. It's probably time to lay down.

Waking up from my nap a little groggy. I'm hungry again. I get up and make my way to the kitchen. I'm in the kitchen, but don't remember the walk from the bedroom. I note that in my seizure diary.

Sara's coming home soon. I put on some music loud and give the apartment a "once over" cleaning.

Sara's home, and she's getting ready for dinner with her friend in the city. She brought me tacos.

I've eaten, and Sara's on her way to the city. I'm watching TV. I feel another little "twitch". I decide that it was nothing, and go back to playing on the iPad, and watching TV.

I put down the iPad, and stare at the TV for just a second.

I feel an aura, (a feeling normal people would pay to feel). The seizure is starting. I start smacking my lips and swallowing over and over. I notice that I've already taken out my VNS magnet and swiped it over my chest because I usually swipe with my right hand, then move it to my left hand because my right side goes completely numb during a seizure. Muscle memory.

I feel my head turning to the right for no reason. I have no control of my body anymore.

(*Notice that I've skipped 9 minutes. This means that I lost consciousness. A "Bad One," as I call them.) I'm awake again, still on the couch. The room looks so different as if I was in a stranger's house. I'm looking around, checking out every room. Almost a dream-like state. I wouldn't be able to tell you my name, or understand english if you were asking me questions.

I decide that I need to get ready for bed for some reason. I need to turn off the TV and all of the lights, except I've forgotten how they turn off. I start unplugging the lights. This all seems perfectly logical to me. "I don't know why the lights and TV wouldn't come with an on/off switch."

I've found my way to the bedroom where I lay down. Not to sleep, but just to lay. Still in a dream.

I'm coming out of the "fog" and remember that I had a seizure. I'm still groggy, but I make my way around the house to plug in all of the lights and TV. I know that I have to take my medicine. I feel like I'm ok to remember how to do that:

Vimpat, 200mg
Lamictal: 300mg
Geodon: 60mg
Sabril: 500mg
Phenobarbital: 194.4mg
Allergra: 180mg
Ativan: 2mg (This is the emergency medication for after a seizure)

I text Sara to let her know that I had a seizure.

Sara's home and I'm all ready for bed. Apnea machine filled with water, teeth brushed, the works. I remembered how to do everything... good. Sara and I talk for a while about the seizure, and she reminds me to describe it as best I can in my seizure diary. I'll remember more about the seizure tomorrow.

I'm asleep. Tomorrow, repeat.