Monday, November 30, 2015


Even though the Christmas season has officially begun, I wanted to take a moment to look back on this past thanksgiving holiday, and how well it went. We ate great food, and were surrounded by great people.

First was the Smith thanksgiving from Wednesday night until Friday. Sara, my sister Jenni and I drove up from Chicago to Beloit, Wisconsin, my hometown, to meet my sister Julie, her husband Ryan, and their new baby Avery. We were then joined by my Mom and Dad. The food was amazing, and we laughed and and shared memories and made new memories to be shared in the future. We had Avery there, a new member of our family, to giggle with and experience what it was like to have a new seat at the table. She was adorable. I even held her, although I was scared as hell!

Sara and Jenni did a little shopping that night while I stayed at the house to rest. Apparently they got some great deals, which is always fun.

We left Friday morning so we could go home and take care of our cats for one night before Sara and I headed to Milwaukee to attend her family's thanksgiving. 

Once in Milwaukee on Saturday afternoon, we again ate great food and shared stories and played games. We stayed at her uncle's empty apartment as they spend their thanksgiving in Arizona.

Once Sunday came around it was time to come home, but first Sara and I had breakfast out at one of the local diners to spend some "us" time together. It was fun.

The best news.... No seizures! I was very nervous that the weekend would be ruined because I had been having a bad couple of weeks leading up to the holiday, but my doctor had me on extra medication to curb and potential problems. The meds made me a little sleepy, but everyone was ok with me excusing myself to rest when I felt too tired.

I wanted to share that this was the first thanksgiving holiday in three years where I wasn't sick. In 2012, I spent my thanksgiving in a hospital bed at Mayo Clinic for an EEG. In 2013, I had a horrible ear infection, and in 2014, I broke my ankle and was in a cast. This year, all there was to report was me being a little tired.

I wanted to tell my readers that I'm thankful for you, and appreciate all of the support and positive feedback that I've received. It's nice to know that I have so many great people on my side. I wouldn't be the same person without you!

Now, bring on Christmas!