Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seizure 5/11/10

Riding home from work with Sara (my fiancé) last night I had the simple-partial seizure. Voices and pictures in the back of my head, very dizzy but still alert enough to see and hear my surroundings. After the seizure the ride home really sucked. I was depressed because they just piss me off. I feel like I've taken a step backward every time I have one. Sara did an okay job cheering my up. We went to my favorite seafood place for dinner, Braxton's. An upscale place, but with an awesome $5.00 appetizer happy hour. We ate calamari, mussels, and split a burger (I had to do a burger, I had a damn seizure after all!). On the way out my right side of my leg went completely numb. This happens when you're having seizures. I call them tremors. Little sparks that remind you of the disorder.

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