Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VNS/New Seizure

I talked to Mr Macken's nurse and he believes that we should try the VNS device and if we don't have success then we'll move to the IVIG/steroid treatment.


Today I had my first full seizure at work. My co-worker Josh heard me at the break room table gurgling and when he walked in the room I was drooling, I think it was the end of the seizure. When he gave me a napkin I didn't understand what he was saying and my boss was there asking questions that I couldn't answer.

I felt the seizure coming on but time seemed to jump about 10 minutes. It feels like a blink. I didn't get much sleep last night and usually that's the reason for my seizures, or at least I tell myself that's the reason. I feel like I was just crying, if you know the feeling. A warm sinus feeling. It almost feels good...

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