Sunday, March 10, 2013

360° in 24 Hours

I mentioned in Friday's post that all the positive energy that I have could be sucked out in an instant; well that's what a seizure is! I had a seizure that night, the kind where I lose consciousness. It was painful and confusing, but after a good sleep and some heavy drugs, I woke up with the same positive attitude as Friday.

If you permit me, I'd like to elaborate on the details of the seizure. After a could days, I start to put together images of a seizure into usable memories.

Sara and I were driving back home from a doctors appointment; it was already dark. We were nearing our neighborhood (a little town center), when I immediately tasted play-doh and didn't recognize anything around me... only Sara. To say I didn't recognize anything is not to say I didn't have a deep understanding of where I was, which is the case. It's more like everything around me is now a different color, lights are in different places and my south-facing windows and now facing north. Odd, right?

My VNS has made it so I only lose consciousness in the most extreme cases. In this case, I don't remember Sara driving from the parking lot to the front of our building to help me upstairs. After I was home, I was having little seizures over and over for about 30 minutes. I took two Ativan and everything slowed down and eventually came back into focus.

After all of this, a smile is back on my face. Saturday night Sara decided to take me to a movie premier/screening of "Somebody Up There Likes Me" with Nick Offerman (Ron on Parks and Recreation). The Q&A section of the night was great, he is hilarious. Then she took me to a restaurant where I had the best reuben sandwich possibly conceived by man (sorry mom!). To top it off, we got home, glued ourselves to the couch and watched Justin Timberlake on SNL. It was a big F-U to my brain, basically saying that I don't have time for this shit... I have a life to live.

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