Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day Long Seizure

Last November, I had several very strong seizures while admitted to the Mayo Clinic video-monitoring unit. One of the seizures lasted 9 minutes; to put this in perspective, it takes 5 minutes to cause brain damage.

Today I had one, long, all-day partial seizure. With this one, my personality changed, I hallucinated, heard voices, I argued with my family about trivial things.

Based on today's seizure(s) and the one last Monday the 18th when I called Sara and stood by our window, explaining in gibberish what I was seeing, (I attached below is a link to the audio voice recording I sent Sara.) it's pretty obvious that there's something wrong; something different.

(I'm heavily into the postictal state, seizure hangover, right now).

I attached a link for you to hear the voice message I left for Sara while having a seizure (could be disturbing to some):

Click: Jeremy's Seizure Voice Message

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