Thursday, July 18, 2013

"God Bless"

I was taking this picture while having a seizure yesterday in Beloit. I was visiting my Mom and Dad and we were on our way to Janesville to meet my sister for lunch. It must've been the heat that caused the seizure.

The picture was taken with my phone; the interesting part was after seizure ended, I didn't remember taking the photo, I just looked at my phone and the picture showed up.

I must've lost consciousness and stiffened my arm because later my shoulder was very sore. I've had problems with my right shoulder since the beginning, but because the left shoulder was broken and the seizures were not "under control," we decided to move forward with treating those instead.

Now, since I have the VNS device in my chest, I cannot get an MRI and that makes it difficult to pin-point what exactly is going wrong.

I'm adding this post mostly because I'm trying to find meaning in this photo. Why a seizure at that particular moment, and why can I not remember shooting this photo? I know what is says on the sign, but I think it's not patriotic or religious in any way, but I'm certain there's something I'm missing.

I could spend hours looking at this photo, or I could tuck it away and file it under miscellaneous.

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