Monday, October 14, 2013

Sazzle's Blog

A twitter friend named Sazzle wrote a post on her blog today about her Epilepsy and desire to start a family. She explained her nervousness while talking with her neurologist about her plans and how her seizures and medication could possible prohibit her from having a child. Sara and I have had the same conversation with our doctor with similar results. A simple, yet emotional "Okay."

Sara and I asked similar questions about my medication, though being a woman with Epilepsy, her conversation with her doctor held a little more weight. I urge you all to give it a read as to understand what it's like to have to ask these tough questions and deal with the issues that a lot of people in the world simply take for granted.

Below is a link to her blog. I haven't really shared to much about a possible family of my own because of the major hurdles that Sara and I have yet to overcome, but it is certainly very much a hope and dream. I'd like to wish her a congratulations and I hope that she and her husband are aware of the support all of us in the Epilepsy community share... worldwide.

Sazzle's Blog:

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