Monday, November 11, 2013

Cold Sweat

On Saturday, I had a seizure just before laying down to rest. I usually put my phone and VNS magnet on my nightstand, and just before the seizure started, during the aura phase, I was aware enough to grab the magnet and swipe it over my chest to activate the device.

The seizure was on the strong side so I laid in bed until I felt ok enough to move around. I knew that I had to call Sara to let her know what happened but, as I was in the postictal phase of the seizure, I was confused and couldn't find the phone that I set on the nightstand.

The concept of a phone and what it looked like was fuzzy and even though the phone was still on the nightstand, I looked at it and told myself that it wasn't there; I had to search the house. I, quit literally, floated around the apartment searching for the lost phone, in random places like in the fridge and under the chairs until I found myself back at the bed, staring at the phone.

I looked at it for a good couple of minutes before picking it up and asking myself, "is this what I'm looking for?" I fiddled with the phone until it turned on and tried to figure out why I was holding it until the memory of making a call came back to me. It was then that I started to have a fever sweat and dry-heaved from the nausea that sometimes follows a seizure.

I finally made the call to Sara and laid back down. I took an Ativan, a seizure rescue medication, and drifted into a stoned, staring-like state. Sara was home by the time I fell asleep and when I woke up it was already dark. I didn't remember the seizure or why I was laying down at first. I had to search my memory and wanted to ask her what happened but before the words came out of my mouth, I remembered.

I mentioned this in my last post. My seizures come in waves. Once the "seal is broken" for one seizure, I know to expect several more. This might turn out to be a week where I'm either here at my desk writing or searching the house for an item that was never lost.

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