Wednesday, December 18, 2013


There's a slight confusion for someone who's in the hospital a lot. By that, I mean there's a part of me that misses the security of being in a safe place that, if I have a seizure, I know there's people to help me, and give them up-to-date information on how I'm feeling, and get information from them on how I can personally treat my symptoms.

I've written about this before, but there are days when I feel that a seizure is possible (my Epilepsy Twitter friends will understand this feeling). It's like a twitch in my brain; like a split second of my life is taken from me. Imagine someone taking to you and one of the words is missing from their sentence. Along with that is a dizzy sort of haze. It's not like what I describe as an aura, just a slight twitch.

A couple days ago, Sara and I were in a store. We split up to look at items in our respective departments and I was looking at watches (I'm on a watch kick again) and while I was looking at one watch, I had the twitch and all of the sudden I was looking at another, different watch. This happened several times.

I can't explain why I have these days, but I can guess that it was because it was hot in the store and it was very busy due to the Christmas season. Sara and I both know that temperature and stress are a couple of strong factors for me having a seizure, so it's no surprise that I was having these "seizure symptoms."

I didn't end up having a seizure, which is obviously good, but I know that in the next couple of days, I should be cautious.


I've been thinking about my style of writing lately, and I've come to understand that I write the way one would have a serious, spoken conversation. I have a friend who's a writer and after reading some of his work, I can tell the difference in the way we approach writing. I don't necessarily think my style is wrong, given the fact tat I'm not a trained writer, I just hope, and wish to learn a little more about proper writing style.

There are trained writers that write with a similar style, I know this, and I think a conversation-style is easier for most people to read, but I hope in the future, my style will become a little more polished.


I'd like to address my last post about our willingness to have a child. By no means are Sara and I trying to have a child at the moment or in I foreseeable future. I was simply stating that I think it's wrong for someone in our situation to be denied the opportunity.

I have a Twitter follower who was recently cleared to have a child by her doctors and it has got me thinking, and, to be honest, it has been weighing on me... us. I will become a father someday. I know I'll be a good Dad. It's simply a matter of health and priority. I want my child to come first, then my health. I would being doing my baby a disservice to bring him or her into this world and not be able to give it my full, undivided love and attention.

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