Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ok. Here we go.

Ok. Here we go.

I started my new medication Felbatol. Everyone knows that these strong medications cause all sorts of initial side effects. I'm feeling them all. I also have orders for weekly blood tests. My first one is in a few hours.

My doctor decided to take me down on all my other medications. Because of this I've been walking around the house a nervous wreak. I've been preparing for (what I feel will be) a strong seizure. The last time I was taken down off my medication was at Mayo Clinic for an EEG. It took nearly a week for me to have a seizure, but when I finally did, it was one of the biggest I've ever had.

I'm preparing now. Writing notes around the house, and giving Sara as much information as I can about how I feel in case I'm unable to communicate later. It's like I'm preparing for a long trip, knowing I won't be in communication with anyone. It may sound like I'm being neurotic but all of my Epilepsy friends will certainly know this feeling. My preparations are going down to even the clothes that I'm wearing.

This is a big deal.

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