Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Smile Wider

I sit here with my dated iPod and iHome playing while I write. I usually listen to what I call "thinking" music; the same music I would listen to while I was working as a graphic designer. I would sit at my desk with a huge pair of headphones and churn out composition after composition. It was tedious but fun. I miss it.

This past week was pure hell. Not only did I have the same psychological issues that I've been describing for weeks, but seizures as well. I'm going to dig deep and try to explain how the seizures felt. I wish those close to me could feel them just once in a controlled environment because my words will never be enough.

I had a medication mix-up at the pharmacy on Monday of last week... it happens to the best of us. This started a chain reaction. Not only did I feel very aggressive, but I was also having auras. Eventually, the auras led to seizures; the kind of seizures I've tried to explain to everyone. I remember the one I had at a restaurant vividly, but the one I had at home stuck with me the most.

I remember laying in bed while Sara was out in the living room watching TV, as I called out her name. After that I just remember fighting the seizure, almost wrestling with it. Sara kept telling me to relax, but I couldn't understand her. My head started to raise and lower as I fought with no luck.


This is a two day post. I guess I just needed more time to process what is actually happening. I had another one of these seizures earlier today, but this time I was alone. When I first felt the aura, I quickly tried to remember what Sara would do if she were here. I sat down on the couch and I could feel my head turning to the right. I had no control of this. The right side of my body went numb as I was swiping the VNS magnet over the device in my left chest area. It ended several minutes later, and I thought it was safe to get up from the couch, but I still felt as though I was still feeling the effects of the seizure. I wanted to find a way to pause the show I was watching... I was watching the news. There's no way to pause it.

Once I regained full consciousness, I made my way to the kitchen and looked through all of my medication, not sure which one was Ativan. I got frustrated, but I knew I had a dose in a little pill box that I carry around with me everywhere. I knew for sure that was Ativan. I took it and fell asleep almost instantly. That's how I know that the seizure was bad. I can take Ativan any time during the day and just feel loopy, but after a seizure it's like a knockout punch.

I do a little test when I'm at home after a seizure if I'm alone. I look into the mirror and try to smile wide because some seizures paralyze parts of my face. I did it before taking the Ativan, and I smiled successfully as far as I could see.

I looked at my face, and I looked so tired. I think about this all the time. If you see pictures of me several years ago, even after I started having seizures, I looked normal. Inside I was tired, but it never really was reflected on my face. I look older and weaker. I'm not sure if there's anything I can do to reverse this, but hopefully someday I'll be able to look in the mirror and see myself happy and vibrant. Right now, I can only see a man who thinks too much about things too little. I work myself up to the point that I'm no longer the Jeremy everyone used to know. I'm just a tired man. A man who is constantly trying to find something to make him really smile wide.

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