Friday, May 21, 2010

New Low

I'm definitely stuck. The place I'm working now is in danger of going out of business. That's what we were told on my birthday.

I told Sara that the Epilepsy has gotten me to the point to when I'm working to survive and not to succeed in design. Like working for a paycheck to pay for having it because it's so expensive. I just don't think this is right. I should be able to buy a house, or save for my wedding without having a separate account for medical bills.

Sara talked to a woman from the Epilepsy Foundation about my rights as an employee for when I apply for a new job or when I get a new job. I hope it won't be complicated. I hope I just go to work like everyone else. I just want to wake up in the morning, get on a train for the city, do good work that I enjoy and come home satisfied and paid enough to support my life.

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