Thursday, June 24, 2010

Business of Epilepsy

I received an automated call from the business office at Northwestern Memorial this morning. It was to remind me of my balance and asked me if I want to talk to a representative about setting up a payment plan by pressing "0". I pressed it and applied for assistance.

Given the amount of money Sara and I make combined we should be able to take some money off the $500 bill. Hell, even if it's fifty bucks I'd be a smiley gentleman.

(FYI, I'm typing this with double vision from my medication so if there are misspelled words, I apologize)

Money has a lot to do with any disease or disorder. I've found that it helps to save up for future visits like most people would save for a car or pretty dress or vacation. In the last 2 years since I've had Epilepsy the only time off from work has been from doctor visits and hospital stays. Last week I stayed overnight at NW I really liked the idea of someone bringing me my food and changing my bed sheets plus I get to wear he gown and little footies... they're comfortable. When I was there they walked around and asked me if I wanted coffee about an hour before my meal... a little cup of coffee brought to me. If that's not vacation I don't know what is. I got to know that lady, she'd come in my room smiling... "food and nutrition" she'd say. I'd say "hey, thank you!" she'd open my table, move it over my and sit my bed up. Talk about service. Hmm, it might be worth the money just for that!

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