Friday, June 11, 2010

Less than a Man

On Wednesday I had another seizure while I was sleeping. Sara let me sleep afterward and didn't wake me up for awhile so when she finally did I could talk and understand what she was telling me. I never believe I had a seizure at first, it's odd, like she's lying to me or just being overprotective.

Thursday was a day full of the small seizures that happen when I'm awake. The voices in the back of my head, the numbing of the right side of my body, staring spells. These happened at various strengths all day. (Simple-partial seizures)

Now I'm going to say this. They've been moving around my medicine a lot lately. Taking me off one med completely, lowering another and steadily raising Vimpat (the new miracle drug). Plus I'm on a mild sleeping pill and another to combat the depressive side-effects. A lot of medicine and chemistry to be fooling with for anyone's body to take. (Or am I just justifying what I'll tell you next).

Last night I lost bladder control. It wasn't a huge amount so I could take care of everything rather quick, but I didn't sleep a wink after that. I wish I could say this was the first time that this has happened but sadly I've had this happen once more before I started this blog. It's another emasculating hit. My head hangs low today.

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