Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post-Op Exam

I'll try not to complain too much more about the Neurological Surgery Department at NW but I have to give one last shot. We had an appointment yesterday for the doctor to look at my scars to see if everything is healing ok. The nurse said for us to be prompt and be there right at 2pm. We understood because we had to move back the appointment from 10:30am to 2pm for work reasons. Of course we arrived at 1:50pm and waited for more than a half-hour. Finally the nurse (who we've continually had problems with... attitude) waives us in and into a room. I sit down hoping to see the doctor soon and she says, "Let's see'em." Confused, I stand back up, take my coat off and unbutton my shirt for HER to see the scars. She says that everything looks good and "that's it."

So, let's get this straight. We take a half day off work, drive downtown... in sort of a hurry to get there by 2pm for you to take a 3 second look at the scars. I could've told you they look ok! If they started to look abnormal I would call! (Of course she wouldn't get back to me for a couple days, but still!)

Again... NW Neurology Department = Amazing. NW Neurological Surgery Department = well, let's just say extremely frustrating. I'm not going to drop on them too much because the surgery day was a great experience, the device is sitting well, etc. You know, it might just be Dr. Rosenow's nurse! I mean, he's eccentric, but he is very good. She needs to be taken down a peg.

After the "appointment" we went to Water Tower Place, bought Sara her Christmas present (new coat) and had a very nice dinner. After that we went home, watched some crappy TV and downloaded a new album by one our favorite bands (Girl Talk). The night actually ended pretty well.

Next week, Monday, is the appointment to turn ON the device. That'll be a long blog entry for sure.

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