Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Déjà vu

So far I've experienced five seizures in a day and a half. I'm still feeling the "aftershocks" and long aura's, which is a déjà vu feeling that warns me that a seizure in coming.

The aura's lately feel like being in love. I'll be listening to a song, for example, and it's sounds are beyond familiar, they sink inside me and warmth fills the pit of my stomach; they feel so good that I want to cry; I joked with Sara that people would pay good money to have an aura because it feels so good. Of course in my case, I know a seizure is coming so I don't have much time to embrace these feelings. I search my pocket for my VNS magnet and swipe it over my chest to activate the device. By this time, the seizure has started and the warmth turns to pain and agitation.

Lately, I haven't been losing consciousness; only once in the past month or so. Though I'm staying awake, I have to ask Sara if I did pass out because they're so intense that my memory is clouded.

After these seizures, a headache comes over me like no other I've experienced before contracting epilepsy. I'll walk around the house (if I can) and start to notice things in the house that are different than I remember from just hours before. An example could be the dishing being washed, although I don't remember doing them. Did I wash them? Did Sara wash them? I'm not sure.

This can also explain why I seem to reiterate a lot of the same subjects over and over in this blog. I don't read past posts for this reason; I just feel like each new post is unique and special.


The new treatment I'm about to start (no new news there) will start soon. It is compiled of a blood plasma based product so I'd like to encourage all of you to give blood if you can. I've included information below. Thank you.


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