Friday, June 21, 2013

I Have Seen Things You Will Never See

An open letter to Jeremy Smith circa 2008,

I have seen things you will never see. I've seen my neck cut open, my shoulder bleed profusely down my back to the floor from opened stitches, I've seen a Christmas gift used as a weapon against myself, I've seen psychedelic aura's warn me of a seizure, usually these types of seizures are strong, debilitating and emotional. I've seen a depression so deep that blank walls seemed like works of art that I could stare at for hours; and I used long hours of sleep as a remedy.

You took your twenties for granted; you thought you were invincible and time was going to be good to you. You were healthy, happy, strong and successful in your business. 

There's nothing saying that I will never be reunited with you, but just know that when we finally meet again, I expect you to be humble and respectful of the new life that has been set before you. 

I know you can learn as much from me as I can relearn from you.

Jeremy Smith, 2013.

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