Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Better Man

Both Sara's and my own family is fairly close in proximity, only about an hour drive from any one member, but at times (as with a lot of families) proximity and closeness are two different things.

When I first was released from the hospital in 2008 with the diagnosis of Epilepsy, I felt this uncontrollable need to apologize to Sara for any absence she'd experienced from me. I looked at the years prior and saw a man who was always looking into the future, with my desire to become a successful photojournalist while keeping my graphic design talent in my back pocket. I thought I could do great work and see great things beyond what I saw every day, and I think that included my home life. I always loved Sara and our families but I don't think I had may list of priorities in the right order.

I'd like to think that I would've had this realization without getting sick, but the reality is it coincided exactly to the minute with my first seizure. My trouble in the following years was my inability to properly mourn the man I could've been and embrace the man I've become... by all means, a better man.

My Dad always says there's adventure in everything and I think I've come to understand that concept. This illness has been an extremely difficult ride but an adventure none the less; and with this adventure I gained a renewed relationship with my family, a girlfriend has become a wife, and an empty home is now full. 

Let the adventure continue...

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