Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Enjoy the View

I've been searching for a way to relax that doesn't involve prescription drugs. Seriously. I have so many drugs pumped into me to help relax my brain and my body, but not my mind. It races and dwells on the deepest subjects we have as people. There are distractions but none of them are very healthy... television, etc.

When I first graduated college I had a similar amount of time to "think," as the job market was a lot like it is today. After sending out all of my resumes, I would walk up and down the lakeshore of Milwaukee for the rest of the day. I wasn't really into photography yet, but I did have my little 3 megapixel camera with me to document any interesting events. I wish I would've documented more.

I remember carrying my point-and-shoot and huge phone, waiting for a possible employer to call. When we visit Milwaukee these days, we pass a bench where I used to sit in the morning making my phone calls. I was a wreck during this time, I know, but for some reason all I remember are the good times I had walking and sitting on that bench overlooking the lake.

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