Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Last week I had seven seizures in seven days. We may not be out of the woods yet seeing as though the heat seems to be the culprit. It's tough because I've been staying indoors and haven't been able to ride my bike on the prairie path or walk or the store. I can tell that there's a bit of depression lingering because my sleep during the day isn't fueled by being tired but rather a way to move the day along faster until I see Sara again at night.

I've been looking at old photos and found this one of Sara and I just when we moved in together in 2004. I was unpacking and she was preparing for her trip to Ireland where she would study for a month.

I look at this photo and remember all the good things from this time and seem to forget how hard it was to be without her while she was in Ireland, and I was alone in a new city. I'd done it before when I moved away to college in Milwaukee, and I do remember being very homesick, in fact that's the subject of my written senior thesis.

In Milwaukee I missed my house, my family, my dog, my room... but in Chicago all I missed was Sara. She was "home" to me. I think that's also true today. During the day, I'm just a man sitting in a room full of stuff, but when she walks through the door it becomes our home and I become a husband.

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