Sunday, October 6, 2013

Awful Luck

Yesterday, My Mom and sister, Julie visited Sara and I in Illinois for lunch and shopping. The day was ok, I was feeling a little "off" but chalked it up to the heat and humidity.

After a little shopping and lunch, we saw a huge box store called The Dump; we've all seen these commercials in the Chicago area. Just funny. After a ton of laughs, we decided to make a short pitstop there.

Once inside, we were making our rounds and out of nowhere, I was punched in the back of the head by a teenage girl with Autism. It was nobody's fault but my head was pounding after the incident. Sara decided to take me home and then she met my family again at the mall.

Once home, I immediately had a very strong seizure. Then another, then another. Even this morning, on our way to breakfast I had a very strong seizure. Four in less that 24 hours.

I feel ok, (for now), and there's really no explanation besides the heat, stress, and a good pounding in the back of the head! We can laugh about it now but the last couple of hours have been hell.

We saw the family leaving the store after she hit me, so I'm sure they were embarrassed, and so was I. I apologized to Sara and my family for having to go home early, which they said I didn't have to do, but I'm glad I left. Having seizures in public is no go and for good reason.

Just another day as an epilepsy patient.

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