Sunday, August 30, 2015

Foo Fighters

Sara was trying to find tickets to the Foo Fighters concert at Wrigley Field any way she could, (searching online, radio contests, etc.), I thought the dream of going to the show was over by Friday night.

Friday night was the appointment date for my last test before I could be cleared for surgery. It was an ultrasound on my thyroid. Earlier in the day I got a call from my doctor with results from the blood test and apparently I'm having a hard time keeping my sodium levels up in my blood. So, I was already feeling pretty shitty about those test results, and then I had to walk into the hospital to have them test my thyroid, which my doctor said felt a little swollen. 

Obviously, after the test, I felt even worse. We were walking to the car and I asked Sara to cheer me up. This is when she let go of my hand and slipped the Foo Fighters tickets into my palm. "This should cheer you up," she said. I was floored. She somehow found tickets. We were actually going to see the Foo Fighters at Wrigley Field!! I immediately forgot about the ultrasound and blood test results. I was so excited.

Saturday came and we planned loosely how we were going to get to the concert... just details. It wasn't until Saturday night, so during the day I rested in bed and she watched some of her favorite shows on TV in the living room.

At about 1pm, I had a seizure while in bed. It was a short, strong one. I called for Sara and she was with me through the whole thing. Obviously after the seizure, I rested more to recover. We agreed that we were still on for the concert because my recovery time was pretty good. Eventually, we both got ready and we headed to the city.

Once in the city, we parked, ate a quick dinner, and caught the first Red Line train to Wrigley. It was raining off and on, but it didn't deter us. We arrived early enough to see one of the opening acts. Soon we were itching to get in line for t-shirts before the concert really started and they ran out of shirts. We left our seats, and got in the line for merchandise. 

It was a very long line, but we both agreed that we needed to have shirts. It's not very often that Sara and I get opportunities like this, so we had to have something to take away with us. Plus, the shirts looked so cool!

Once we were at the end of the line, I started to feel a rush of blood to my head and got very dizzy. Then came the seizure aura; the warning my brain gives me that a seizure is starting. I grabbed my magnet from my pocket and started rubbing it over my chest to activate my VNS while simultaneously calling out for Sara and telling her that a seizure was happening. It was lights out for me after that...

The next thing I remember was being carted off through the hordes of drunken concert-goers to the first aid station. I could hear Sara's voice in the background but couldn't understand what she was saying. She might as well been speaking a different language. 

We finally got to the first aid station which looked like a hospital waiting room, with several rooms with hospital beds available. I started to come around to understanding words and directions from the nurse while she was checking my pupils. I took the Ativan I had in my pocket for emergencies and waited for it to start working. It did.... Quickly. Soon, I was understanding everything, but still very confused as to why I was there, etc.

After waiting 30-45 minutes I suppose, I told Sara that I didn't want to leave. I wanted to see the show. After another quick check by the nurse, we very slowly made it back to our seats. I held Sara's hand the whole way there. She was very gentle with me and asked several times if this is still what I want to do. It was.

We made it back to our seats and the show hadn't started yet. The Ativan was making me feel very relaxed and in a very good mood. Sara and I made small talk, then before we knew it, the Foo Fighters took the stage.

The show was amazing. I kept looking around at all the people and how amazing it all was. When there was a break in the music Sara would lean in and ask me what I wanted to do.... I wanted to stay. We were experiencing something that we will never forget.

Towards the last song I agreed to go so we wouldn't have to fight the crowds getting out and back on the train. Soon we were back at our car and on our way home.

I wanted to tell this story, not because of me having a seizure, but rather how lucky I am to have Sara in my life. She, without warning, became my eyes, ears, arms and legs. But more importantly, she became my voice. 

This is how Sara and I live our lives. Years ago, I would've cancelled plans after the first seizure I had that afternoon, let alone insist on staying for the concert after my second seizure. We did it together. I'll never be able to repay my debt to her, but I know in her eyes there's no debt to be repaid.

I love you, Sara. If I could say those words in every language to get my point across, I would. 

I can't wait for our next adventure. Let's make next time seizure-free, though, ok!? :)

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