Friday, December 3, 2010

Four "Shock" Seizure

I had a seizure last night at work. Everyone else left for home and I was there waiting for Sara to pick me up. I started having the numb hand feeling, like the recent strong seizure where I was conscious longer than usual. Once yesterday's seizure started and my right side went numb, I swiped the magnate over my chest to "activate" the VNS device, I had to swipe four times. It gave me a higher dose of amperage to stop or reduce the magnitude of the seizure. It did stop it after a couple of minutes... I knew that the device played a big part in how it all played out because this one had the potential of being a seizure where I lost consciousness and bit my tough, etc. The rough part is that I had to swipe the device four times for help.

I have an appointment with Dr. Macken on Monday to increase the milliamps. I'll mention yesterday's seizure and see if it's possible to increase the amperage for more than what we had planned at our last visit a couple weeks ago. Maybe then I won't have to swipe the magnate over and over like I did last night.

The postictal (seizure hangover) was pretty strong last night, I felt dizzy, tired, nauseous, and weak. As the VNS is increased it's supposed to reduce seizures, and the postictal state. I can't wait.

The VNS is designed for Epilepsy AND Depression which is a perk, of sorts. I've been talking to Sara about what state I'm in, emotionally, and it's probably good that this device can give me a little push through rough patches. I've been telling her that I hate the idea of needing a machine inside of me to make me feel happy, but she referenced people taking medication or having a drink, etc. I agree, but I still would like to know if I'm smiling because I have an implant and not because things are getting better or that I've been having a better day. Creepy thought, right?

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