Thursday, December 9, 2010

Raspy Voice

On Monday Dr. Macken and his Fellow Dr. Ericson increased my VNS amperage. It's now on for 7 seconds and off for 11. The magnate was also increased. Because of the increase my voice gets very raspy while the device is on. I actually like this because now I can tell that the VNS is on and working. Before Monday, the amperage was set so low that I could barely feel when it was on and when I swiped the magnate during a seizure it took me four attempts before it helped stop the seizure.

I had, what was going to be a small seizure last night before bed. Sara and I woke up very early yesterday so she could be to work for a morning meeting. Usually when I have a long day like this, I'm bound to have a little problem. When I felt it coming on, I swiped the magnate and it stopped the seizure immediately. I had no postictal feeling, nothing... I just went to bed. Nice.

One bad thing is now that my voice is so raspy every 11 seconds, people have been giving me funny looks when I'm placing an order at a restaurant or anything like that. I think it's funny, but I know what they're thinking... "Get me away from this sick bastard!" It kind of does sound like I have a throat cold or something. Sara and the guys at work are still getting used to it, well so am I. To hear me start a sentence with my normal voice and have it switch over to a 70-year-old smoker voice raises eyebrows.

Overall, I've been feeling ok. Let's just keep it at that for now.

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