Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Finally Digital

For years now, I've been shooting digital photographs professionally, but for my personal work I've always leaned toward 35mm film. I just love the way a film camera feels in my hand and how the grain of the film looks either printed or viewed on-screen. Although I've been shooting film, I always use a film scanner so I could share them digitally or print them for framing purposes.

While working as a designer, I was also the in-house studio photographer for product and application shots. I absolutely loved the days where I knew I was walking into work for a day of photography over design. Don't get me wrong, I love design, but photography flows through my blood more than any other vocation.

I soon became a photojournalist with the help of a friend to get me into the freelance photography business. I would design and shoot digital studio photography on weekdays and shoot for the Sun Times News Group in Chicago on nights and weekends with the inclination that my career would allow me to shoot for the paper full-time.

After contracting Epilepsy, I continued my design and digital studio photography career, but personal photos became non-existant. I just couldn't get my mind to be creative in photography anymore. I'm not sure if it was not being able to drive or the cost of film products, I just couldn't bare to load the camera with film and get out to shoot.

Recently, I received a new digital camera as a gift. It's very nice, and rivals the photo quality that I would get out of a scanned 35mm photograph. It's a rangefinder-style camera (the lens and viewfinder are separated), and when I look through the lens, I feel the same feeling as I did when I looked through a film camera. I look at my new camera I think about all of the memories I'm going to capture, and all of the art I'm going to make.

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